Generally HERE during business hours with a fresh cup of coffee ready,

615 Earl Garrett Street
Kerrville TX 78028

if we are GONE please stop by again or try reaching us directly at the numbers below-

Bruce John Stracke – Broker/Owner

830.928.2222 mobile

Harvey Brinkman – Broker Associate

830.896.8888 office

Carl Henneke – Realtor

830.377.0911 mobile

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  1. LoReacy Moses
    19 Jul ’15 at 8:56|am
    • 19 Jul ’15 at 9:52|am


      As it happens we are working with the owner about selling the entire piece, including the cabins. If you have an interest in the whole kit and caboodle we should talk. Thanks for your interest-

  2. Erika Sapp
    8 Nov ’15 at 11:34|am

    Is 3100 Junction Hwy still for sale??? Both of your signs are pushed over in the ditch.

    • 8 Nov ’15 at 7:03|pm

      As it happens of all our signs those two get knocked over more than than any others. It is a great spot and yes it is for sale-

      • Erika
        8 Nov ’15 at 8:19|pm

        Then have tenets put it back up. Had a buyer, but confused with signs…..losing clients

      • Erika
        11 Nov ’15 at 4:18|pm

        Signs up this morning, now one intentional turned backwards. Might want to discuss with tenants. As I stated earlier, I was inquiring because I assumed sold.

        • 11 Nov ’15 at 4:36|pm

          Thank you for the heads up. Property is available today-

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